The Divinity in me salutes the Divinity in you! Peace and goodwill start with me....and you. It is the beginning of our celebration of our differences and of our "sameness". How can we live comfortably with our very self if we can't live comfortably with everyone else? No man is an island. We need each other. Every encounter with every person is a teaching moment that equips us with the tools to successfully navigate this journey called life. Every person is your teacher. Wake up from your soul sleep and salute the Divinity in everyone. NAMASTE. Welcome to my blog. - Gemma David, Your Soul Sister -


Conversations are about anything, everything and sometimes, about nothing inparticular. That is when we shoot the breeze, vent, tell the female version of barbershop stories and have fun doing it. If it affects, touches, moves you, it's the basis for a conversation.
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As you participate in our conversations, our hope is that you meet the people in this community and network successfully with each other. Our sister platform The Women Entrepreneurs Club is an ideal venue for women of like mind to grow and support each other.
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Blog posts

We open a whole new world with our blog posts. We present the newest books, products, gadgets and services on the market, highlighting the ingenuity of some amazing people. We blog about life, love, pain, frustrations, victories. We teach, we learn, we rant, we rave, we vent. We present you with life.
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Money Talk

We talk about money. We talk about making money. We talk about bulding nest eggs and creating streams of passive income. We look at abusive situations where women literally cannot afford to leave. No money. Our exploratory project about Abuse and Money attempts to address this issue in a real way.
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We feature some of the best products, services and ideas to enhance and support your lifestyle. We get upfront and personal with some great authors who write about a myriad number of topics that would help you navigate through life's journey. We present products that are new, innovative and exciting. We promote Body Beautiful everyday. Whether you are into yoga, healthy eating, fitness, fashion, body sculpting, meditation and all things "body beautiful", we have you covered.